Make Your Property's Energy Efficiency a Priority

Make Your Property's Energy Efficiency a Priority

Compare your insulation installation options with the pros in Pittsboro & Apex, NC

Renovating or building a home means making countless construction decisions. If you haven't considered residential insulation yet, this page is for you. See how spray foam insulation stacks up against other materials, and feel free to ask the team at JT's Spray Foam Solutions for details.

Spray foam insulation is perfect for your newly built or remodeled home in the Pittsboro & Apex, NC area because it's...

  • More durable than cellulose insulation
  • More efficient than fiberglass insulation
  • Easier to install than foam board insulation

Plus, spray foam insulation deters insects, reduces allergens, improves structural integrity and requires less material to meet current building standards. No wonder it's a top choice for residential insulation projects.

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Building an office or a barn?

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